At BCCM, our focus is on people, because we know it’s the people that drive projects. Our commitment is to more than just a scope of work—it’s to build relationships and communities that set a new standard for the construction landscape.

Over the years, we have strategically partnered with Bear Claw Construction Management for our services. But with new demand in the construction landscape, we have chosen to take a new direction. While Bear Claw has been an incredible team to work with, BCCM will serve its own partners and industries moving forward.

This move gives us the ability to continue to execute on initiatives that keep our clients’ needs at the forefront of all that we do.

At BCCM, our belief is that no project is truly complete without a steadfast partnership. Our commitment to quality and providing proactive solutions drives us above and beyond the call of duty. Our promise to transparency and consistency means never leaving a partner in the dark, and never leaving room for second-guessing.

We lay the groundwork to ensure our partners’ needs are met because we’ve pledged to work beyond just infrastructure.

We lay the groundwork to ensure our partners’ needs are met because we’re committed to more than just infrastructure.


We make it our mission to be consistently accessible to all partners, set the standard for honest communication, and execute timely projects of unquestionable quality. We do it all with a will-to-win attitude that drives us to achieve better construction solutions that exceed our partners’ expectations.


We set out to change the general contracting landscape from project-focused to people-focused, answering the need for transparent construction solutions that keep our partners in the loop and informed every step of the way.


At the end of the day, we are dedicated to providing industry-leading  construction solutions matched with an unparalleled commitment to partner satisfaction.


At BCCM, we are committed to creating long-lasting relationships with both our partners and our employees. We invest in each and every individual, providing the crucial tools needed for success and creating a positive work atmosphere that encourages collaboration and innovation.

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