At BCCM, we’re dedicated to learning from our past to construct a better path forward. Over the years, we’ve learned that it’s not the success or the wins that teach you something—it’s the setbacks and the hardships.

Here are the 5 things we learned in 2019 and how these learning experiences will help us as we continue to expand and offer some of the best construction services in Kansas City and beyond.

Why transparency is important in construction

Transparency builds trust—within our company and throughout partnerships. This year, we’ve learned the importance of maintaining transparency throughout everything that we do, from construction to employee benefits and everything in between.

All too often construction problems are kept a secret from clients or even other members of the team, impacting project timelines and budgets. Transparency in construction helps teams tackle issues as they arise. When everyone is open and honest about a situation, more (and better) solutions can be found more easily.

Here is how we practice transparency in the construction industry:

– Hold ourselves accountable: to make sure things run smoothly and safely.
– Really listen to clients’ needs: and leave no room for misperceptions.
– Be open and honest: about costs, timelines, materials, and more.

Transparency was already a bedrock in our company. 2019 helped us further shape that into every facet of our business.

The importance of getting involved in our community

Over the years, we’ve seen firsthand how our projects make an impact in our community. From rebuilding people’s homes and lives after apartment fires to setting a new industry standard for senior healthcare, our projects and partnerships can actually make a difference.

That’s why we took it upon ourselves in 2019 to take our community involvement to the next level. Various members on our team take part in diversity and inclusion groups all across the Kansas City metro, including Central Exchange—Kansas City’s longest-running women’s organization—and Urban Land Institute, whose goal it is to create thriving communities around the globe.

As part of these groups, we can hear from individuals from a variety of backgrounds and expertise about what they think it is that makes a great community. Our involvement helps establish a foundation of communication and compassion that seeps into every project and every partnership.

Ultimately, understanding and getting involved in our community helps us construct a better world around us.

How partnerships make an impact on final product

The importance of partnerships isn’t something new to our team—we’ve built it into the infrastructure of our company.

But last year we continued to see how truly important partnerships are on the final product. For example, in the past three years we have built or remodeled 50+ Burger King franchise locations across 16 states. Our ability to hit tough deadlines like new locations in 16 weeks and 4-week remodels starts with an impactful and transparent partnership.

Good, honest partnerships benefit both teams. When there are open and honest lines of communication, we can offer expedited timelines and create a superior finished product that better serves our partners’ customers and bottom line.

Why it’s crucial to be licensed in other states

In 2019, we learned just how important it is to be licensed in other states—even when you don’t do business in them (yet). With all of our franchise partnerships with companies like Walgreens and Burger King, we’ve realized that not being licensed in other states holds up timelines and construction as you wait for approvals and mandates.

We also learned that being licensed in other states provides our nationwide clients with the flexibility and opportunity to sign contracts with us across the nation, without the headache of reintroducing and re-educating contractors in every state.

Our ability to offer fast and effective construction starts with having all the puzzle pieces in place before a partner even reaches out to us.

How to create a culture you’re proud of

Last year, we prioritized creating a company culture that was healthier and more encouraging to our employees. We took stock of our benefits and opportunities to see where we could expand and make them better. We hired more diverse leadership and employees. We established ourselves as a competitor in a booming industry.

But most importantly, we listened to what our employees loved and didn’t love about our culture—and actually made changes in line with their feedback.

Today, our culture is one that is both exciting and rewarding, helping to inspire personal and professional growth. Our leadership is passionate about creating better solutions and better work-life balance for our employees. And our construction services are second to none because of it.

But don’t just trust us—hear it from our employees:

“I came to BCCM for the opportunity to grow with a company from the ground up. I love the relationships I have developed with both client partners and coworkers. I know of no other place where the owners talk to you every day and are involved in every project.” — Cary

“I made a huge leap with both feet to join the team at BCCM. Now an owner of BCCM Construction, I have found a home, team players and an awesome staff within this company.” — Doug

Our biggest takeaway from 2019 is that when you truly listen to others—partners, potential clients, and even employees—you can build a better future for the world around you.

We hope that 2020 brings as much fun, success, and learning as 2019 did! Follow our journey on Facebook and LinkedIn.