Disaster Recovery

Are You Prepared?

After a man-made or natural disaster, how do you start putting the pieces back together?

The Team Recon Approach
From Disaster to Recovery

Preparation // Pre-Disaster

Our Portfolio Assessment service is carried out and implemented with your integral participation and input. We thoroughly evaluate your insurance policy and perform in depth property inspections in order to completely understand your portfolio prior to a disaster. In the event of a disaster, we will be able to pull up your information and immediately be in sync with your team, the property logistics, and the emergency situation.

Site locations registered in our national database for real-time weather monitoring.

We establish specific pre-event protocols.

Response // Emergency

As soon as a disaster occurs, immediately contact us via the dedicated (24/7/365) Emergency Disaster Phone Line at: 877-727-2226

Your Emergency Assessment Response Form is automatically pulled up and sent to the nearest of our 600+ Emergency Disaster Response Units. This previously completed assessment document enables the unit to mobilize with all the specific and critical insurance and property information they need to instantly begin the recovery process.

Immediately give specific recommendations for the optimal processes and procedures to get you and your tenants back to “business as usual” as quickly as possible.

Recovery & Restoration // Post-Loss

The Team Recon team is dispatched immediately to assist with damage assessment and will work with your insurance company to establish Xactimate estimates for the complete restoration of your property back to full operation and pre-loss conditions.

Our Construction Management Team will join in immediately as well to provide you with complete consultation and communication throughout the entire project.

When the settlement and scope of the claim is agreed upon, our construction crews rapidly mobilize into action restoring your property to its original pre-loss conditions with as little interruption to your business as possible.

Responsive, Accurate, Dependable.

The Team Recon Advantage

  • 924/7 Access

    You will have access to a national network of BCCM Construction Group’s providers, providing prompt response to all calls and inquiries.

  • 9Priority Response

    As an exclusive member of the BCCM Construction Group, you will move to the front of the line on all large scale events, saving you days, weeks or even months in the recovery timeline.

  • 9Time Savings

    As the management Group, BCCM Construction will be handling all aspects of the recovery process. This will enable the staff the ability to get back to their jobs of running your property with minimal interruptions.

  • 9Expertise

    Dedicated staff will work for you, making sure you get replacement value for your claim, and a quality project build back the right way.

  • 9Portfolio Assessment Service

    We will evaluate your current insurance portfolio and identify any possible gaps in coverage. This will help identify possible code upgrade coverages needed and how they apply. As part of this service BCCM performs a full site evaluation for one of your properties to better understand the extent of the services available.

The Team Recon Promise

Team Recon will be your advocate, industry expert and dedicated partner throughout
your entire disaster recovery project.

Our intimate knowledge and complete understanding of your portfolio combined with our strong industry relationships, guaranteeing the fastest access to materials and construction crews, enable us to promise you the quickest response, start and complete satisfaction.

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